Uk Ireland Defence Agreement

An island can only be attacked from the sea. To prevent an island from maintaining any form of maritime defence and placing its naval defence under the exclusive control of another power is to deny its existence as a free nation and to plunge it into the political and strategic system of that other power. Our main efforts should be to maintain “association” in trade and communication friendship agreements and in many other civil law issues that do not infringe on political status, and to keep defence totally outside the pact, with the exception of indirect defence, but very important for England, to ensure that we do not enter into defence pacts or agreements of any kind with other powers. This guarantee is indeed “association” of a practical nature. Another aspect of the agreement is that the Irish Army will receive free equipment above the requirements of the British Army. It creates a merger or partnership in relation to our sovereignty. We talk about our sovereignty all the time, but we fly Royal Air Force, RAF aircraft over the country. The Director of Irish Military Aviation and the Government General Officer, the Air Force, are not aware of the agreement. I understand that when he found out, he was taken to a room, he showed the agreement and was sent home without receiving a copy. The person in charge of military aviation in that country was not a party to the agreement. A Memorandum of Understanding will be signed by Defence Minister Simon Coveney and British Defence Minister Michael Fallon before the end of the month at a ceremony in Dublin. “In the medium and long term, it is difficult for the state to develop expensive air defence and training systems to confirm Irish airspace alone.

Ireland`s natural partner for natural security in terms of geography is of course the United Kingdom. Is it possible that historical and political sensitivities will be overcome in order to achieve a joint air policing mission of the RAF-Irish Air Corps in the future? As the Russian Air Force might tell them, there is little chance of getting to that point at this time. It is assumed that officials from the Irish Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have entered into a bilateral agreement with the Irish Civil Aviation Authority (ILO) with its British counterparts: the RAF, the Civil Aviation Authority, the Ministry of Defence and the Commonwealth Office.