Woodstock Police Collective Agreement

READ MOREThe following basic requirements must be met to be eligible for a police officer position with the City of Woodstock Police Service: The Police Services Act establishes a partnership between the Woodstock Police Service, the Woodstock Police Services Board, the public and the Ontario Police Services Civil Services Board (OCC). 

The Complaints section of the Act focuses on the early, professional and, to the extent possible, informal resolution of complaints. On October 19, 2009, the Office of the Independent Police Review Director (IRPRD) came into effect. It is an arm`s length agency of the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General, staffed exclusively by civilians. The OIPRD is responsible for monitoring and handling all public complaints against the Ontario Provincial Police. Woodstock Police Service Professional Standards Branch investigates: The Woodstock Police Service is currently accepting applications from experienced police officers for a part-time constable position. Applicants must meet the minimum requirements of the Ontario Police Services Act and hold a Basic Training Certificate in Constables from the Ontario Police College. Applicants must also have been a police officer in Ontario for at least five years and have not served more than five years in policing for up to five years. Only those selected for an interview will be contacted. Interested individuals must submit a resume in honour of the Chief of Police named Woodstock Police Service615 Dundas St.Woodstock, ON N4S 1E1 Please upload, complete and submit the following forms in accordance with the instructions provided to you:Waivers and Information Package Admissions Case (applicants who have already submitted an application) We can assure you that your complaint is thorough and impartial is requested. Are you sure you want to make a difference in your community? Discover career opportunities at the Woodstock Police Department. *Order or requirements are subject to change without notice. This list is intended to advise on the order of the process and not to be a complete list of all the processes involved in the hiring process.

The Woodstock Police Department is actively recruiting for the position of experienced police officer. Applicants must be an on-duty police officer and have successfully completed a probationary period under subsection 44(1) of the Police Services Act with a recognized Canadian police service. Start of certified agents at $40,337 per year. The WPD accepts applications for police officers throughout the year. Applications will be submitted in the next phase of recruitment. Start YOUR CAREER Interested candidates will take a series of steps to ensure that the best candidates are selected to join our team of dedicated public servants. All tipsters who call the Crime Stoppers line are eligible for a cash reward of up to $2000.00. The type of crime solved, the number of arrests, etc. determine the amount of the prize. Download the application form: Computers and monitors on the WPS application form display the location and phone number from which the 911 call came. A typical 911 display displays the caller`s phone number, the citizen`s address, and the name of the phone service subscriber.

911 is a free call from a pay phone. The payphone address information is displayed on the 911 screen. Mobile phones can call 911 as a free call. When a 911 call is made from a mobile phone, the answering machine of the answering machine is informed that it is a mobile call and the specified phone number of the mobile phone company transferring the call is displayed. .